How Skylar Can Help Family Caregivers

We at Skylar recognize the critical role family caregivers play in seniors’ health – any solution that aims to improve senior health needs to also improve things for family caregivers. By providing information during an emergency, Skylar can help loved ones get help quicker and keep caregivers in the loop. And by managing information from one, simple app, Skylar can remove a lot of the guesswork and complexity that usually comes with senior care.

What Being a Family Caregiver is Like

Throughout Skylar’s development, we have been interviewing family caregivers and getting insight into their daily work and interactions with their loved ones. For this Skylar Spotlight, we spoke with Priya Patel, a 21-year-old pharmacy student. She lives at home with her parents and 2 siblings and together, they care for paternal grandfather in his 70s, who suffered a serious head injury from a fall.

What You Need to Know About Family Caregivers

More people than ever are living long enough to develop non-communicable diseases and chronic conditions like Alzheimer's or cancer - in fact, it’s common for older adults to be living with two or more chronic conditions. Though seniors are living longer, they aren’t necessarily living healthier or more easily. To ease this burden, seniors often get help from unpaid caregivers, like family members.