Imagine if Kash’s friend had come to the hotel ten minutes later. Kash would have had the heart attack alone in the hotel room and, unable to call for help himself, he wouldn’t have been found until it was too late. Luck saved Kash.

But with Skylar, a person like him doesn’t need to rely on luck. The Skylar watch would detect the abnormal heart rate resulting from the heart attack and ask if everything is okay. If the person responds “no”, or doesn’t respond at all, Skylar would call for help. If the person has symptoms stronger than Kash’s and recognizes that a heart attack is coming, he/she could also press the red emergency button on the side of the watch and get help that way. Location service is provided with Skylar, so in Kash’s case, Indianapolis emergency services would have been called.

Skylar wouldn’t just automatically respond to emergencies – it would also help people like Kash during the recovery process and beyond. They could stay on top of their medication schedule, inputting reminders and saying when they’ve taken them. They could log their personal goals, like exercising more, eating well, and doing other heart-healthy things. They could also keep track of their appointments and be prepared for them. For example, they could be reminded when to stop eating the night before an important blood test. And at these appointments, doctors like Kash’s cardiologist could review these logs with them and see more clearly how the recovery is going. Together, they could find any issues or ways to improve the recovery faster, making the recovery itself faster.

Furthermore, Skylar would help people like Kash continue doing what they love to do without worrying their loved ones. When Kash wanted to first go to his office rather than his home after the operation, his family thought he was nuts. With Skylar, they would at least also know he’s safe. They could also see how well he’s staying on track with his medications and goals without constantly asking him. So instead of nagging him about his health, they could nag him about spending too much time at work.

Next time, we’ll explore how Skylar can help manage falls.